Collins Writing Contest

35th Annual Collins Writing Contest: Scared Silly

Fear can be a funny thing. Terrors in the night make some of us hide under our covers, while others can't help but laugh.

For the 35th Annual Collins Writing Contest, we invite writers of all ages to explore the theme of Scared Silly.

Will yours be a tale that's sadistically silly, or one that is fantastically fear-inducing? Readers beware...

For the 35th Annual Collins Writing Contest, entrants are invited to explore the subject of the Scared Silly in a short story. Stories must be unpublished, 2000 words or fewer, and the work of a single author.

Entry Deadline: Tuesday, February 28 [2023] at 8:00 PM

Important Files

Contest Entry Form

Full Contest Rules (PDF)

Full Contest Rules (.docx)

Contest Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Contest Frequently Asked Questions (.docx)


If you have any questions that are not answered on this page or the linked files, please e-mail Bailey Randolph at

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