Winners 1990s

collins 1990

1990 Kaleidoscope:

Pre-Teen Poems

First: I Hate Cleaning My Room by Evelyn Chauvin

Second: Roller Skater by Lisa Jenner

Third: Grandpas by Richard Chauvin

Honourable Mention: Cold Food by Steven Youngs

Honourable Mention: Spaghetti by Tanya Jodie Foster

Honourable Mention: Bart by Andrew McCloskey

Honourable Mention: Dreams and Nightmares by Andrea Danielle Timpany

Honourable Mention: The Moon by Jonathan Doll

Honourable Mention: People Everywhere by Juanita Klassen

Honourable Mention: Red by Christa Lappin

Honourable Mention: Love Song to My Earrings by Amanda Furman

Teen Poems

First: For Not Loving Me by Sheryl Mueller

Second: Who is Guilty by Jeffrey Patton

Third: Railroaded by Chantel Petteplace

Honourable Mention: Mandella by Jane Farley

Honourable Mention: Before Love with Nadine by Les A. Webb

Honourable Mention: Retrospection by Sheryl Mueller

Honourable Mention: Sitting Alone by Christy Sandboe

Adult Poems

First: If Arnold Sydney Wacham had a Woman by John Sideras

Second: Grandson’s First Visit by Patricia Schneider

Third: The Seduction by Fiona Ferris

Honourable Mention: Coffee’s On by Jan Zurcher

collins 1991

1991 Wordstruck:

Grades 1 - 3

First: The Magic Wand by Oliver Kratschat 

Second: The Birthday Party by Ryan Schultz

Third: The Sun by Craig Henning

Honourable Mention: Rabbits, Carrots, and Dogs by Jessica Kornder

Grades 4 -6

First: The Scrambled Egg Heroes by Darren Sharko

Second: The Wishing Penny by Norma Menjiver Rios

Third: The Ting-Ding-Dilley by Pamela Valin

Honourable Mention: Going West by Lisa Connery

Honourable Mention: Captain Crimp and Me by Jean Schmidt 

Honourable Mention: Lisa’s Dream by Ashley Gaboury

Honourable Mention: The Final Defeat by Lance Molnar

Grades 7 - 9

First: The Satin Slipper by Debi Ruhl

Second: Why Me? by Renae Culver

Third: The Sword in The Clearing by Travis E. Wolfe

Honourable Mention: Skulls vs. Locals by Craig Cassity

Honourable Mention: The Pretending Game by Bonnie McBride

Grades 10 - 12

First: The Yellow Line by Jarett D. Moreau

Second: The Silver Ghost by Jamie Morris


First: The Cream-Covered Cat by B. Charmaine Cowan

Second: Imp by Gerald O’Hagan

Third: The Editor by Isaac Moon

collins 1992

1992 Kaleidoscope 2:

Grades 1 - 3 

First: War by Shane O’Grady

Second: Three Small Horses by Alina Plumridge

Third: Little Bird by Carlin Lamoureux

Honourable Mention: Spring by Kyler Boisson

Honourable Mention: A Rhyme Takes Time by Mikhial Carter

Honourable Mention: Help me by Joshua Sorer

Honourable Mention: The Ship and Me by Ryan Thibault

Honourable Mention: Being Five by Ryan Thibault

Grades 4 - 6

First: The Wonders of the Sea by Charyl Rowe

Second: The Mysterious House by Kelda Jayne Anderson

Third (Tie): Thanksgiving Turkey by Adam Bradley

Third (Tie): The Car Ride by Candace Wolfe

Honourable Mention: Sitting in the Dark by Brenda Wurtz

Honourable Mention: War by Chris Lane

Honourable Mention: Russell’s Challenge by Danielle Miller

Honourable Mention: Jane by Morgan Wardill

Honourable Mention: Only in my Dreams by Kelda Jayne Anderson 

Grades 7 - 9

First: Words Cannot Express by Debi Ruhl

Second: Spunky by Heather Schultz

Third: The Math Problem by Lisa Olson

Honourable Mention: Ode to Sushi by Raven Strid

Honourable Mention: Dreams by Chris Wolchyn

Honourable Mention: With Me Forever by Crystal Fisher

Honourable Mention: Thank You Lord by Heather Shultz

Honourable Mention: The L.A. Threesome by Callista Fossen

Grades 10 - 12

First: Reflections by Brandi Edwards

Second: The Horror by Kathy-Jo MacAlister

Third: The Button Box by Carol Anne Lynn Campbell

Honourable Mention: Irrepressible by Jason Sallis

Honourable Mention: Just Fifteen by Marie Hallows

Honourable Mention: Faith by Brandi Edwards

Honourable Mention: Anna by Carol Anne Lynn Campbell

Honourable Mention: Penitence by Tammy Miller


First: Bag Lady by Dunia Reber

Second: To Reach Tomorrow by Alice Hutchinson

Third: Regrets by Jennifer Williamson

Honourable Mention: When I Am An Old Man by Arnie S. Wacham

Honourable Mention: Circle (Cycle) of Violence by Louisa A. Hilchey

collins 1993

1993 Wordstruck 2:

Grades 1 - 3

First: Missing Cristina by Stephanie MacLennan

Second: The Day There Was No Gravity by Oliver Kratschat

Third: The Powers of the Black Colony by Lance Boivin and Brandon Jones

Honourable Mention: The Mermaid People by Hilary Zoe VanVolkingburgh

Honourable Mention: The Flying 4-Wheel Drive Submarine Army Tank by Francis Tymchuk 

Grades 4 -6

First: Call Him “Poof” by Maria Bertrand 

Second: A Lucky Princess by Kelsey Andrews

Third: Blue Wind by Shannon Woloshyn

Honourable Mention: The Lost Royal Queen by Angela Buitenhuis & Bonnie Henderson 

Grades 7 - 9

First: “Salvation” by Matthew Keen

Second: “Gift” by Robin Bergensen

Third: Evil Innocence by Travis E. Wolfe

Honourable Mention: Rodeo Romance by Raven Strid

Honourable Mention: Washed Away by the Rain by Alex Gregory 

Grades 10 - 12

First: Lost by Diana Margeret Davidson

Second: A New Year’s Eve To Remember by Terri Sudnik

Third (Tie): What Went Wrong by Crystal Fisher

Third (Tie): Haunting Past by Heather Loewen 


First: Newton Forgets by Julie Johnson

Second: Chepiuk Nemeh Towak (The Spirits Are Dancing) by Joyce Mearon

Third: Nightshift: A Directory of Terror by Patrick Stanley

collins 1994

1994 Kaleidoscope 3:

Grades 1 - 3 

First: Noises Everywhere by Nicole Kruger

Second: Going on a Trip by Carolyn Bailey

Third: Winter is ___ by Ryan Lewis

Honourable Mention: Storm by Travis LaCoste

Honourable Mention: The Eagle by Jeff Wilson

Honourable Mention: A Promise by Dale Hartley 

Grades 4 - 6

First: Death by Anthony Tarrasan

Second: Me by Lisa Tink

Third: The Starting of Spring by Jesse Fitzpatrick

Honourable Mention: The Wind by Rachel Lawrance 

Honourable Mention: The Terrible Tyrannosaurus by Ashlee Jollymore

Honourable Mention: Shadow by Erin Sutherland

Honourable Mention: Eerie by Alina Plumridge

Honourable Mention: It’s Just Not Fair by Geoff Wilson 

Grades 7 - 9

First: Society’s Misfits by Kerry Coupland

Second: The Journey by Heather Davidson

Third: Music Box by Candace Wolfe

Honourable Mention: Winter by Sarah Cassidy

Honourable Mention: The Great Outdoors by Katherine Martin

Honourable Mention: The Big Game by Danny Martineau

Honourable Mention: Autumn Rose by Amanda Buchan 

Grades 10 - 12

First: In The Valley by Lisa Marie Sterr

Second: Midnight Ballet by Freya Bates

Third: The Glories of Tomorrow by Carol Anne Lynn Campbell

Honourable Mention: My Magic Bathroom Mirror by Susan Thompson

Honourable Mention: Away From Life by Krisssa Javorsky 


First: One More Morning, One More Road by John Theodore Sideras

Second: Flashback by A. Hutchinson 

Third: Alphametamorphosis by Jan Zurcher

Honourable Mention: I Would to God He was a Poet by Sheryl Mueller

Honourable Mention: Sun Prints by Adelaide Schartner 

Honourable Mention: Midnight Dreaming by Carmen Sweder

Honourable Mention: September by J.D. Robert Wiebe

Honourable Mention: The Time of Our Lives by Jan Zurcher 

collins 1995

1995 Iskoteo:

Short Stories Grades 4 - 6

First: The Missing Figure Skater by Kerri Suurd

Second: The Beginning of Speed Skating by Amar Nagra

Third: Fire in the Sky by Jennifer Cooper

Honourable Mention: The Adventures of the Northern Lights by Kevin Doyer 

Short Stories Grades 4 - 6 (French)

Third: Le Maitre Des Couleurs by Rick Doyer

Short Stories Grades 7 - 9

First: Fire in the Sky by Jason Pinette

Second: Iskoteo by Jessica Kornder

Poetry Grades 1 - 3 

First: Explosions of all the Colours by Andrew Hawkes

Second: Flashing Lights by Adella Gerry

Third: A Grande Prairie Winter by Michael DeBonis

Honourable Mention: Fire in the Sky by Jeff McVey

Honourable Mention: Winter Fun by Danny Pyle 

Poetry Grades 4 - 6

First: Iskoteo by Erin Sutherland

Second: Iskoteo by Natasha Collins

Third: What Are They? by Kathryn Lambert

Honourable Mention: Iskoteo by Eric Robinson

Honourable Mention: Dancing Lights by Christina Langer

Honourable Mention: Iskoteo by Stacy Brown 

Poetry Grades 4 - 6 (French)

Third: Aurores Boréales by Jolene de Metz 

Poetry Grades 7 - 9

First: Nightshade Dancers by Kelda-Jayne Anderson

Second: Seasons of the Sky by Rebecca Albert

Third: Iskoteo by Amber Schultz

Honourable Mention: The Gold Medal by Julie Keen 

Poetry Grades 10 - 12

First: Romanticism in the Scientific Age by Tracie Scott

Second: Spirit of the Games by Elizabeth Nofziger

Third: Simple Sentiment by Melissa Thoreson

Honourable Mention: Dancers of the Night by Linda Lange

Honourable Mention: Day for Night by Ryan Hanson 

Poetry Adult

First: Canada is Me by Colleen Albert

Second: The Land by Patricia Schneider 

Third: The Mighty Peace by Wolfgang Friedel

collins 1996

1996 Wordstruck:

Grades 1 - 3 

First: The Mysterious Glove by Gillian Adam

Second: Andrew, Tymore, and Mackothon by Karisa Ubbens

Third: Beware by Sarah Nyrose

Honourable Mention: Dragon Island by Matthew Franklin 

Grades 4 - 6

First: A Long Time Ago by Joshua Sorenson

Second: The Scared Troll by Tammy Riley

Third (Tie): Why the Black Bear Hibernates by Jacqueline Smith

Third (Tie): Toby and the Witch by Kirby Nelson

Honourable Mention: Adventure in Fairyland by Kyle Shaw

Honourable Mention: In Hiding by Karen Goldie 

Grades 7 - 9

First: The Fears of Donald Trummy by Sari MacKinnon

Second: Tears of a Nazi by Tyler Day

Third: The Music Box by Nicole Thibault

Grades 10 - 12

First: The Legend of the Black Panther by Melody James 


First: The Ride by Sharon Nuttycombe

Second: The Pack by D.W. Whipple

Third: The Celestial Dance by D. de Herries Smith

Honourable Mention: The Disobedient Robins by Janet M. Ophus

collins 1997

1997 Through the Pine Trees:

Grades 1 - 3 

First: The Hike by Karli Hauger

Second: Summer Tree by Terence Ralston

Third: What is Spring? by Jordan Ubbens

Honourable Mention: The Dark Forest by Suzanne Walker

Honourable Mention: Pussy Willow by Angela Wilde

Honourable Mention: A Tree is Something Like Me by Shaun Turcotte 

Grades 4 - 6

First: Nature’s Beauty by Matthew Stefura

Second: My Treehouse by Denele Rooke

Third: I Love the Way by Kathy Gagnon

Honourable Mention: Forest Season by Erin Bosse

Honourable Mention: Walk in the Forest by Kristin Tonsi

Honourable Mention: Thoughts and Feelings about Trees by Katie Gosbjorn 

Grades 7 - 9

First: The Forest by Jacqueline Smith

Second: The Wind Cries by Sarah Dolsky

Third: The Spies out of the Window by Tera Isaac

Honourable Mention: Ode to a Tree by Tom Minogue

Honourable Mention: The Forest by Brian Wells

Honourable Mention: Redwood Wonder by Richard Harper

Honourable Mention: A Meaningful Place! by Alyeska Bennett

Grades 10 - 12

First: Prevailing Memories by Candace Boyne

Second: Woods by Jerome Backmeyer

Third: The World She Doesn’t Know by Carrie Quinn

Honourable Mention: The Old Aspen by Darren Thomas

Honourable Mention: Endangered Species by Jordan White 


First: The Arbor Day Tree by Terry Scerbak

Second: The Renewal by Darrys Sarkonak

Third: Like an Old Bear by Darla Dawn Lukac

Honourable Mention: The Celebration by Margot Wedler

Honourable Mention: Through the Woods, Through the Trees by Karen Friskney 

collins 1998

1998 Wordstruck:

Grades 1 - 3

First: Sammy the Salmon by Casey Johnson

Second (Tie): Pioneers by Arathana Bowes

Second (Tie): The Legend of the Secret Cave by Sylvie Richard 

Third: Why Fox has Red Fur by Harmeet Dhaliwal 

Grades 4 - 6 

First: The Case of the Missing Jacket by Denele Rooke

Second: Thomasina by Molly Sweetnam

Third (Tie): The Great Easter Adventure by Tom Clackson

Third (Tie): The Case of the Missing Eggs by Jocelyn Bradfield

Honourable Mention: Critters In The Classroom by Gillian Adam

Honourable Mention: The Halifax Explosion by John Crispin 

Grades 7 - 9

First: Words of Approval by Nicole Johnston

Second: Sounds in the Night by Lindsay Jones

Third: The Game by Erin Sutherland

Honourable Mention: Disaster at Frank by Kirby Nelson 

Grades 10 - 12

First: Jacob’s Rock by Jennifer Martin

Second: Carla’s Cancer by Crystal Sorken

Third: The Roof People by Tera Isaac 


First: The Traveller’s Rest by Sharon Nuttycombe

Second: Land: A Short Story by Christina Grant

Third (Tie): Cousin Kyler by Evangeline Thiessen

Third (Tie): Memories are Forever by Joey-Lane Farnsworth

Honourable Mention: Life on the Farm by Patricia Lawrence 

collins 1999

1999 The Magic Key:

Grades 1 - 3

First: The New Book by Chelsea Forbes

Second: Books Are Great by Sylvie Richard 

Grades 4 - 6

First: The Power of Books by Darby Guise

Second (Tie): Books Are My Friends by Stephanie Haynes

Second (Tie): A Library by Jillian Wright

Third (Tie): The Magic Key by Michelle Schamehorn

Third (Tie): Some People Read by Andrew Plant

Honourable Mention: The Lasting Legend by Charlene Louise Antaya

Honourable Mention: Fairy Tales by Brian Helms

Honourable Mention: Classics by Megan Larson

Honourable Mention: For the Price of a Library Card by Jordan Ubbens

Honourable Mention: Books, Books, Books by Melody Howard 

Grades 7 - 9

First: The Life of a Book by Tawonga Lupwayi

Second: Walls of Books by Alex Nutting

Third: The Little Girl in the Library by Jennifer Balaski

Honourable Mention: ‘BEEP’ by J.J. Morgan

Honourable Mention: Just Another Book on the Wall by Cory Cook

Honourable Mention: The Lonely Book by Kurtis Streeper 

Grades 10 - 12

First: Simple Things by Catherine Ashby

Second: The Dim Lit Room by Deric Delaney 


First: Iguana Dreams by Catherine Patrick

Second: A Fairy Tale Book by Susan Beaumont

Third: Lament of Shelved Unit Number 331.0971 by Donna Kaut

Honourable Mention: What It’s Like in a Book by Sylvia L. Ranson

Honourable Mention: Nestled Between the Black and White by Heide Speerin