Getting a Membership

Get a Membership Online

Stop by GPPL to get a membership in person, or click the above button to get one online.

Check out our Borrowing Basics page to find out more about what you get access to with a GPPL membership.

Getting a Membership

GPPL memberships are FREE for residents of the City of Grande Prairie, the County of Grande Prairie No.1, the MD of Greenview, or an area served by the Peace Library System.

In Person: Bring your Government issued ID with proof of address to our Customer Services Desk.

Online: Create a membership online. You will need to visit us in person with your Government issued ID within one month of registering for an online membership, or contact the Customer Services Desk at 780-532-3580.

Other Membership Options 

E-Resource Membership

An E-Resource Membership is an option for those who only want access to our online materials. Physical items cannot be checked out or placed on hold with this membership option.

Non-system Temporary Membership

A non-system temporary membership is available to a resident with an address from outside the province or someone without a library card from within the province. If you have an address and a library membership from Alberta, check out the ME Libraries card to see if it’s right for you.

  • Cost is $20.00 per person
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Restricted access (no access to e-resources)

ME Libraries - Access Alberta Public Libraries 

Me Libraries allows you to use your Alberta library card to borrow from the collections of almost every Alberta public Library (excluding e-books and other electronic content). Join ME Libraries by registering your library card today at

TAL Online - Access Alberta Post-Secondary Libraries

Once you have a TAL Card, you can choose books off the shelf at university or college libraries across Alberta. GPPL members can get a TAL Card at the Customer Services Desk.