Our Champions

Do you love the services the Library provides but feel that there’s more that could be done?

Do you want to help us bring more amazing resources and services to the people of Grande Prairie?

Do you think the Library’s the bee’s knees and want the world to know?

Then we think you're a Champion!

The Champions of the Grande Prairie Public Library group is up and on the move! We're in the early stages, but anyone interested in becoming a member is welcome!

Champions are volunteer community members who are passionate about the Library and what we're doing. They primarily help their Libraries in three ways:


The return on investment (ROI) on libraries is incredible! For every dollar of funding Grande Prairie Public Library receives, we provide $8.00 in services to the community! That's 8 times the investment! In comparison, Edmonton Public Library reports $3.11 ROI in services to the community.

Fundraising can take many forms, some common examples are book sales, casinos and raffles. If you’ve got a great idea on how the Champions can raise money for the Library, you’d better join up and help make it happen!


Even with the knowledge that we’re providing such an amazing ROI, GPPL doesn’t receive as much funding as you’d think! You might be asking, we can only fundraise so much, what else can be done? Well, that’s where advocacy comes in! It’s not enough that the Library tells the city that we need a boost in funding, if concerned and active community members like yourselves tell them, that’s when the message really gets across!

Additionally, having these same community members spread the word to more community members about the services and resources they could be using makes us even more valuable to everyone.


Special events or programming sometimes need an extra hand or two, and who better to ask for help than our Champions?

Not to mention the events run by Champions which will always need Champions to help! There are so many ways to get involved!


If this all sounds good to you, please fill out your information on the Champions Application Form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!

Fill out the Champions Application Form.

If you need further information, please contact Clayton at 780-357-7453 or at ctiroburns@gppl.ca.

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