Our Champions

For our ongoing fundraising efforts please see the Current Fundraisers section at the bottom of the page!

Do you love the services the Library provides but feel that more could be done?

Do you want to help bring more amazing resources and services to the people of Grande Prairie?

Do you just think the Library is the bee’s knees and want the world to know?

Then we think you're a Champion!

The Champions of the Grande Prairie Public Library Society is up and on the move! Anyone interested in becoming a member is welcome!

Champions are volunteer community members who are passionate about the Library and what they do. We primarily help the Library in three ways:


The return on investment (ROI) on libraries is incredible! For every dollar of funding Grande Prairie Public Library receives, they provide $8.00 in services to the community. In comparison, Edmonton Public Library reports $3.11 ROI in services to the community. Still great, but peanuts compared to our local library!

Fundraising can take many forms. Some common examples are book sales, casino nights and raffles. If you’ve got a great idea on how the Champions can raise money for the Library, you’d better join up and help make it happen!


We can only fundraise so much, so you might be asking—what else can be done? Well, that’s where advocacy comes in! Although our Library provides an amazing ROI, they are under-funded compared to other libraries of similar sizes in Alberta. It’s not enough that the Library tells the City of Grande Prairie—GPPL’s primary funder—that they need a boost in funding; if concerned and active community members like us tell them, that’s when the message really gets across!

Additionally, when we spread the word in our community about the services and resources available at the Library, it makes them even more valuable to everyone. Making the library better helps everyone in the community!


Special events and programming sometimes need an extra hand or two, and who better to ask for help than our Champions? Consider donating your time to support event planning and implementation. There are so many ways to get involved!

What does it take to be a Champion? 

If this all sounds good to you, please fill out your information on the Champions Application Form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!

Alternatively, you can print and fill out the brochure below and return it to the Customer Services desk at GPPL:

Where do my membership dues go?

The yearly membership dues outlined in the brochure help out in two ways:

  1. Making sure we have a committed and active member base  
  2. Supporting the growth of library programs and services.

If you have any questions or require further information, email us at champions@gppl.ab.ca.

Current Fundraisers

Recycle Plus Account (Ongoing)
We have made an account with Recycle Plus. If you'd like to contribute your bottles to our fundraising, drop them off with our name and the number #2330 on the label!

Past Fundraisers

The Make it Rain Fundraiser raised a total of $1880.00, thanks to an outpouring of community support. 

The Anonymous Art Show raised over $2000.00 for the library and local artists! Check out the gallery of pieces by local artists here.

The Love Your Library Silent Auction & Wine Raffle raised over $1500.00, thanks to all who participated!

We were the recipients of the Aquatera Bottle Donation Program for the month of April 2023! We were fortunate to receive over $2300.00 in support of Youth and Children's services and programming for GPPL!