Winners 2000s

collins 2000

2000 The Dance of Time: 

Grade 1 -  3

First Prize - Project X-Ray, Richard Larson

Second Prize - Knight of the Night, Cory Bosse

Third Prize - Mark, Elizabeth and Sarah, Karlee Parentau 

Grade 4 - 6 

First Prize - The Way Through the Forest, Megan Larson

Second Prize - Lost, Paul Gurney

Third Prize - The Quest for the Cushion, Kathryn Stone

Grade 7 - 9 

First Prize - “Behind Enemy Lines”, Tara Schwemler

Second Prize - Barbarossa: A Children’s Story, Heather Larson

Grade 10 - 12

First Prize - Saving the Enemy, Ashley Goff

Second Prize - Alabama Settlers, Carla Sharp


First Prize - Added Entry, Sharon Nuttycombe

Second Prize - Destination, D. Whipple

Third Prize - The Squire’s Tournament, Judy J. Dettling 

collins 2001

2001 - A Poet's Odyssey

Grades 1 - 3 

First prize – Meagan Seely “Cats”

Second prize – Amelia Rigler “Canada”

Third prize – Molly MacLennan “My Dog is Wearing Lipstick!”

Honorable mention – Quinn Cunningham “Canada”

Honorable mention – Kaitlynn Hoffman “Canada”

Grades 4 - 6 

First prize – Patty Sparrow “Seasons”

Second prize – Conrad Cook “My Dog Caramel”

Second prize – Courtney Nelson “Gone too Far!!!”

Third prize – Brie-Anna Dykstra “Where my poems hide”

Third prize – Alexandra M. Romancewiez “Wonder”

Honorable mention – Marina Joseph “A Perfect Day”

Honorable mention – Carissa Millwater “Have You Ever Seen…”

Grades 7 - 9 

First prize – Melanie Wozencroft “Hurricane”

Second prize – Katrina Webster “Faithful Reflections”

Third prize – David Bulford “If I were a brownie”

Honorable mention – Kelsey Neumann “Darkness in the Light” 

Honorable mention – Cary-Ann Sallows “When I was five” 

Grades 10 - 12 

First prize – Jodi Lalonde “This Future Hall of Famer” 

Second prize – Ashley Goff “Pathways”

Third prize – Shawna Hayes “The Moon” 

Honorable mention – Mariyam Rizvi “Library”

Honorable mention – Tara Schwemler “Mission: Abort” 


First prize – Dianne L. Pelland “Courage”

Second Prize – Julie Johnson “Sock Monster”

Third prize – Gwen Rochon “A Teacher’s Reflection”

Third prize – Linda Smith “Jacob’s sons”

Honorable mention – Catherine McLaughlin “carbon dated”

Honorable mention – Arthur Patterson “Adios”

Honorable mention – Terry Scerbak “My Dog”

collins 2002

2002 - Our World, Our Neighborhood

Grade 1 - 3

First prize – Fiona Farynowski “Old Friends and New Friends”

Second prize – Eden Roberts “Stars”

Third prize – Aisia Roberts “The Cleaning Snowmen”

Grade 4 - 6

First prize – Richard Larson “Antje”

Second prize – Sylvie Richard “Miss Perfect and the Big Mathathon”

Third prize – Marina Joseph “Journey to Switzerland”

Honorable mention – Dashiell Dronyk “How the War Was Won”

Grade 7 - 9

First prize – Megan Larson “Barawo (Thief)”

Second prize – Amanda Brooks “That One Dreadful Night”

Third prize – Anthony Cook “Ching”

Grade 10 - 12

First prize – Ashley Goff “The Teddy Bear”

Second prize – Heather Larson “Across the Elbe”

Third prize – Sarah Hartford “The Prisoner”

Honorable mention – Tara Schwemler “Amara and Calla: Eternal Scream”


First prize – Terry Scerbak “One Good Turn”

Second prize – Linda Smith “Feisel and I”

Third prize – Wyn Turner “Saara's Story”

collins 2003

2003 - Musical Endeavours

Grades 1-3:

First prize – Alexis Wolfe, “My Piano and I”

Second prize – Michael Moon, “When I am Seventeen”

Third prize – Jessa Houchin, “Spider Music” 

Honorable mention - Keandra Mundy, “Musical Chicken Pox”

Honorable mention - Tatianna Ducklow, “Singing Leprechaun”

Grades 4-6:

First prize – Susanne Walker, “Whispers”

Second prize (tie) – Stefan Nasedkin, “A Walk through the Forest”

Second prize (tie) - Nicole Meurs, “The Sound of Music”

Third prize (tie) – April Fogle, “What is Music?”

Third prize (tie) – Cassidy LeBrier, “In My Mom’s Heart Beat”

Honorable mention – Charles Grosset, “Recital”

Honorable mention – Tyler Paetkau, “The Flutist”

Honorable mention – Conrad Cook, “Pianist”

Honorable mention - Richard Larson, “The Music of Light”

Grades 7-9:

First prize – Megan Larson, “Weary of Theory”

Second prize – Kevin Waldie, “Music of the Shadow”

Third prize – Cassie Chabot, “The Piano Lure”

Honorable mention – Mandy Cardinal, “Poetry by Sound”

Honorable mention – Sylvie Richard, “The Recital”

Grades 10-12:

First prize – Erinn Watson, “Mine Unheard”

Second prize – Owen Leighton, “No Talent”

Third prize – Jordan Hauger, “Language of the Soul”

Honorable mention – Valerie Wiebe, “Music of the Heart”

Honorable mention – Katie Stickney, “Musical Endeavors”

Honorable mention – Kelby Atkinson, “Musical Energy”


First prize – Catherine McLaughlin, “birthright”

Second prize – S. J. Cox, “A Symphony of Sound”

Third prize – Tia Stanway, “A Mother’s Pride”

Honorable mention – Patricia Schneider, “O’Canada”

Honorable mention – Judy Dettling, “Nature’s Symphony”

Honorable mention – Linda Smith, “Also Sprach Zarathustra”

collins 2004

2004 - Birthdays

Grades 1 to 3

1st Prize Keandra Mundy, "The Purple Penguin Party"

2nd Prize Tatianna Ducklow, "The Princess and the Orphan"

3rd Prize Alexis Kendall, "Lavender's Exciting Birthday"

Honourable Mention David Isherwood, "Birthday on the Edson Trail"

Honourable Mention Maria Walker, "The Best Birthday Gift Ever"

Grades 4 to 6

1st Prize Allison Brown, "Birthday Memories"

2nd Prize Kirsten Isherwood, "Valentine's Birth-day"

3rd Prize Jenessa Johnson, "Friendship in a Bottle"

Honourable Mention Neil Hudak, Tree House Tragedy"

Honourable Mention Holly Williams, "Grandma's House"

Honourable Mention Michelle Thibeault, "She Gave Me a chance"

Honourable Mention Gisela Ries, "Cloud's Birthday"

Grades 7 to 9

1st Prize Dashiell Dronyk, "Cole"

2nd Prize Courtney Loberg, "Ride with the Wind"

3rd Prize Meghan Edgerton, "Wrong Number"

Honourable Mention Ashlin McGovern, "Birthday Girl"

Grades 10 to 12

1st Prize Carly Termeer, "Out of the Flames"

2nd Prize Megan Larson, "Dust"

3rd Prize Nick Kovacs, "Chester"

Honourable Mention Tara Campeau, "A Celebration of Sorts"


1st Prize Judy J. Dettling, "Remnants"

2nd Prize Rhonda Seward, "One Old Cat"

3rd Prize Shannon Podruzny, "Next Time, Let's Go Dancing"

Honourable Mention Charis Crandall, "Annie"

Honourable Mention Liz Good-Gerow, "Starting Over"

Honourable Mention Deanna Kent-McDonald, "Angel Food"

collins 2005

2005 - A Vision of the Future

Grade 1 - 3 

First Prize - Caitlin Dawson, “Little Amanda”

Second Prize - Jessie Macdonald, “About a Boy”

Third Prize - Juel Bundy, “Julie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day”

Honorable Mention - Daylen Lafleur, “My Vision”

Honorable Mention - Angelika Cormier, “In the Future”

Grade 4 - 6 

First Prize - Daniel Fonkalsrud, “Destiny”

Second Prize - Megan Cherwak, “Door to the Future”

Third Prize - Alexander von Tiesenhausen, “The Solar Chef”

Honorable Mention - Eilee Repka, “The Walker Family”

Honorable Mention - Christopher Wiebe, “Life Must Go On”

Grade 7 - 9

First Prize - Richard Larson, “2084”

Second Prize - Courtney Loberg, “Where the Earth Meets the Sky”

Third Prize - Magnus von Tiesenhausen, “The Defense of New Calgary”

Grade 10 - 12

First Prize - Megan Larson, “A Future?”

Second Prize - Katie Hein, “When Dogs Fly”

Second Prize - Jordan Volker, “Gone”

Third Prize - Pat Reilly, “ Future Perfect”

Honorable Mention - Bethany Goertzen, “Weirder Things Have Happened” 


First Prize - Linda Smith, “Emigration”

Second Prize - Karen Bass, “Hands”

Third Prize - Denton Froese, “Star-struck” 

collins 2006

2006 - Sports

Grades 1-3

First Prize: Analise Lahers “the Boy who love to Dance”

Second Prize: Katie Martin, “The Soccer Dream”

Third Prize:  Cody Handy, “The Big Race”

Grades 4-6  

First Prize: Daykota Skea, “The Best time Ever”

Second Prize: Amy Morrison, “She Needed it Most”

Third Prize: Katherine Pernal, “The Crippled Little Girl”

Honourable Mention - Andrew Wutke, “Letter to Mom”

Honourable Mention - Alastair MacDonald,  “The Mutant Soccer Ball”

Honourable Mention - Sherese Binks, “Bug Hopscotch”

Grades 7-9 

First Prize: Suzanne Walker, “Let’s run” 

Second Prize: Breanne Biegel “Trapped!”

Third Prize: Chris Wiebe “Eat My dust”

Honourable Mention: Kylie Bain “Timothy and the Horse-back Riding Lesson”

Grades 10-12

First Prize: Lida Hellquist “New Beginnings and Last Chances”

Second Prize: Courtney Loberg, “A Matter of Honour”

Third Prize: Hillary Johnstone, “Mixing Tears with Sweat”


First Prize: Karen Bass, “Ski Dreams”

Second Prize: Rhonda Seward, “with Deference to Andy”

Third Prize: Dymphny Dronyk, “So Let’s Root, Toot, Root for the Home Team”

Honourable Mention - Judy J. Dettling “Spaghetti and Baseballs”

Honourable Mention - Linda Smith, “the Prize”

collins 2007

2007 - Dreams 

Grades 1- 3

First Prize: Serena Houle, Tina’s Dream Come True

Second Prize: Ryan Verburg, The World has Gone Chocolate

Third Prize: Tenyson D’Onofrio, An amazing Adventure in Hawaii

Grades 4-6

First Prize: Maryke Dronyk, The Monster

Second Prize: Amanda Samuelson, The Dream

Third Prize: Katherine Pernal, Cloud Watcher

Honourable Mention: Jonathan Mulligan, Dragon

Grades 7-9

First Prize: Bryanne Friesen, Present History

Second Prize: Nikol Robbins, The Sexsmith Turkey

Third Prize: Alastair MacDonald, A Warrior Emerges

Honourable Mention: Alex von Tiesenhausen, Mark and the Dreamland

Honourable Mention: Danica Friesen, A Memory of Love

Grades 10-12

First Prize: Richard Larson, Selection

Second Prize: Courtney Loberg, And This Is Where We All Fall Down

Third Prize: Magnus von Tiesenhausen, Oracle


First Prize: Dymphny Dronyk, Piano Dreams

Second Prize: Linda Smith, Last Chance

Third Prize: Teresa J. Walters, The Red Moccasin

Honourable Mention: Darrys Sarkonak, Trail of Dreams

Honourable Mention: Karen Bass, The Weight of Her Dreams

Honourable Mention: Judy J. Dettling, A Mother’s Footprints

collins 2008

2008 - Travel

Grades 1-3

First: Alexander Rode, What Happened to the Pie!

Second: Ryan Verburg, My Friend: Las Vegas

Third: Abbie Paul, The Surprise Trip

Honourable Mention: Cidney Lagace, One Night      

Grades 4-6

First: Sarah Jones, True Friends in the End

Second: Jesse Christopherson, Journey to Hamilton

Third: Keaton Winnicky-Lewis, Kids at Kidwelly

Grades 7-9

First: Simone Ouellette Zuk, A Traveler’s Tale

Second: Danica Friesen, A Trip in Time

Third: Alastair Macdonald, The Tunnel to Tarren

Honourable Mention: Marissa Trarback, Amber Alert

Honourable Mention: Katherine Pernal, Time for Lime Sherbet

Grades 10-12

First: Richard Larson, Crossing

Second: Bryanne Friesen, The Wagon Trail

Third: Donovan Eckstrom, Pretzels on a Plane

Honourable Mention: Jessica Pigeau, Wheelchair Kung-fu

Honourable Mention: Tina Klassen, Mexico to British Honduras


First: Karen Bass, Forever Sky

Second: Judy J. Dettling, The Logic of Irene

Third: Jim Biggs, Non Donkey Travel

Honourable Mention: Christina Nelson, Shades of Green

Honourable Mention: Amie Nash, The Travel Itch

collins 2009

2009 - Winning and Losing 

Grades 1-3

First:   Kaitlyn Clarke Friends  

Second: Abigail Paul Race to Friendship 

Third: Darren Head Moose vs. Hare 

Grades 4-6

First: Nicole Pernal How to Lose a Tooth

Second: Ryan Verburg Win or Lose Las Vegas 

Third: Jerome Goertzen Running the Race 

H.M.: Keaton Winnicky-Lewis Winning Friendship 

Grades 7-9

First: Alastair Macdonald The Mystery of Arnold Silverman 

Second: Jesse Christopherson The Fortress of Flame 

Third: Rachel Rode More than Winning 

H.M. Sarah Jones Life Changes on the Iditarod  

Grades 10-12

First: Zach Kephart Fight of Memories 

Second: Magnus Von Tiesenhausen Maestro 

Third: Richard Larson Whenever You’re Winning, Someone is Losing 


First: Liz Good-Gerow Starting Over 

Second: Judy J. Dettling Strangers and Angels 

Third: Barb Warner Pictures 

H.M.: Jason Taylor Beneath the Surface 

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