Children's Summer Reading Game

Enjoy the summer and win awesome prizes during the 2023 summer reading game. The Summer Reading Game will run from Wednesday, June 28 to Saturday, August 19.

The Children's Summer Reading Game encourages children to read every day. All reading will be tracked through a 4, 8, or 12 hour coloring booklet, filled in for every 10 minutes of reading. You can read (or be read) any type of material! Chapter books, picture books, graphic novels, and audiobooks all count. You can submit as many booklets as you want. Submit completed booklets to the Children’s Department in exchange for a free book, and to be entered into the grand prize draw. As well, stop by GPPL once a week to check in, and get an extra prize.

The deadline is August 19th, and the winners of the draw with be announced on August 21st. Enter for a chance to win fun prizes such as a kitchen toy set, a Botley coding robot, Magna-tiles, a music percussion pack, a ukulele, and more.

If you have any questions about the Children's Summer Reading Game, please contact Hallie at or by phone at 780-357-7496.

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