Audiobooks through CELA

Audiobooks for People with Print Disabilities
Love reading but have a disability that makes it difficult to read print? The Grande Prairie Public Library offers a collection of more than 500,000 titles for people who have trouble reading print due to a learning, physical or visual disability through our partnership with The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA).

If you want to learn more about CELA and other services for people with print disabilities, find it on our Assistive Collections page.

Ways to Read:

  • Download the app Dolphin EasyReader (from your app store on your mobile device) to listen to audiobooks.
  • Download audiobooks to a Victor Reader over a wireless connection
  • Download content onto storage device for offline use 
  • Borrow DAISY CDs from GPPL
  • Receive DAISY CDs by mail

How to Sign Up

  1. Get a library card: Register online or call 780-532-3580
  2. Register for CELA or call 780-357-7473 for assistance

You must have a print disability to use CELA, but proof of disability is not required.

Borrow a Victor Reader from GPPL

GPPL lends Victor Readers that can download and play content from CELA wirelessly. Our players are connected to CELA accounts you can use to borrow content without creating a personal CELA account.

If you do not have home internet, contact 780-357-7473 to discuss alternative options. Players can be borrowed for 84 days at a time and renewed up to twice.

Borrowers Can

  • Download books from CELA online
  • Sign up for auto-selection (receive two digital titles per day based on your favorite genres)
  • Ask library staff to sign out materials online

Models Available

GPPL lends two models of Victor Readers with slightly different capabilities. Choose the model that best suits your needs:

Victor Stratus 12M

  • Plays electronic materials and content from CDs, SD cards and USBs
  • Users can download books from CELA and transfer them onto a SD card or USB using a computer

Borrow a Victor Reader Stratus 12M

Victor Stream

  • Plays electronic materials and content from SD cards
  • Users can download books from CELA and transfer them onto a SD card using a computer. Computer must have a SD card reader

Borrow a Victor Reader Stream


For directions how to connect a Victor Reader to a wireless network contact Jill at 780-357-7473.