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Make it Rain with GPPL’s Champions

May 12, 2022

Keep new items POURING into the library!

The Champions of the Grande Prairie Public Library are seeking YOUR support to keep new items POURING into the library! We are running our first ever SPONSORSHIP FUNDRAISER to make this happen! Want to sponsor a new book, video game or other resource to add to the library’s shelves?

Here’s how:

- Each raindrop on this umbrella has a different type of resource, and the average cost of that resource. These are all areas where the library can use more items. Select an item that best fits your interest and budget!

- Bring your raindrop to the Customer Services desk and let them know how you would like to sponsor the purchase of that item. There are several options:

  1. Cash
  2. Cheque (made out to the Champions of the Grande Prairie Public Library)
  3. Debit/Credit
  4. E-transfer to champions@gppl.ab.ca
  5. Partial donations towards a larger item are totally OK! Just let a staff member know!

- Library staff will fill out the details of your purchase, including if you would like the book to be dedicated to a specific person.

Following purchase of resources – your name and/or chosen dedication will be added to the new item before it gets added to the library shelves!

Thank you for your support!

Any questions? Feel free to ask the library staff or contact Mark Evans (Champions Chair) at champions@gppl.ab.ca or 780-357-7453

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